About NIBA

The mission of NIBA — The Belting Association is to promote the common business interests of all distributor/fabricators and manufacturers of conveyor and flat power transmission belting and material that enhances & changes belt.

Guiding Principles

  • NIBA provides a forum for the exchange of information and new ideas among members in order that the belting needs of the market place can be served in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • NIBA works to promote harmony between distributors/fabricators and their suppliers with the specific objective of increasing the flow of products through the distribution network that the distributor/fabricator members provide. NIBA provides further education of its membership in matters relating to the application, promotion, and sales of belting as well as emphasizing sound business practices.
  • NIBA maintains relationships with leading institutions of higher education, which offer courses of study in Industrial Distribution.
  • NIBA utilizes these relationships to maintain a visibility of the development of industrial distribution technology and future trends in the distribution process.