The History of NIBA

Interactive History

NIBA developed the following interactive history presentation as part of its 90-year celebration at the NIBA/PTDA Joint Industry Summit in 2017. Click to view.


History Brochure

This brochure, developed for the 80-year anniversary in 2007, tells the story of NIBA-The Belting Association by tracing back its origins to 1927. 

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NIBA History Timeline




  • On September 17, 1973, NILA directors upon petition form its FLAT BELT DRIVE DIVISION   opened its membership rolls to fabricators and/or slitters of industrial belting of all types.
  • Name of LEATHER BELTING DIVISION of the Association was changed to FLAT BELT DRIVE DIVISION.
  • On December 4, 1959, the Headquarters Office of the Association was closed in New York and moved to Pompano Beach, Florida
  • On January 18, 1954, through its legal representative, petitioned the New York Secretary of     State to change its name to the NATIONAL Industrial LEATHER ASSOCIATION. This petition was granted and the organization then became the NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LEATHER  ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED. This change was made for the reason that the Association now represented not only the manufacturers of leather belting but also manufacturers of mechanical leathers, leather packings, and textile leathers. 
  • On June 4, 1954, the Internal Revenue Service extended income tax exemption to the             NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LEATHER ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED.
  • The association established its own headquarters at 41 Park Row, New York and Mr. Rath among others, became an employee of the association.
  • Manufacturers of textile leathers applied for membership in the Association which resulted in the recognition of the TEXTILE LEATHER DIVISION of the Association.
  • Manufacturers of mechanical leather packings were accepted into the membership of the  Association under the name of MECHANICAL LEATHER PACKING DIVISION.
  • Income tax exemption granted the Association on August 28th, 1942.
  • AMERICAN LEATHER BELTING ASSOCIATION moved into the office of the Power Transmission Council at 63 Park Row, New York, and E.R. Rath of PTC was assigned to ALBA  as its Executive Secretary.
  • An extensive advertising program covering leather belting was contemplated and put into effect. 
  • Association incorporated under the laws of the State of New York with the name AMERICAN LEATHER BELTING ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED.

NIBA Past Presidents

Year Individual Company
2017 Vernon Smith Universal Belting Resource
2016 Tom Pientok Apache Inc
2015 John Shelton Belt Power LLC
2014 Tom Wujek Flexco
2013 John P. Green Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag
2012 Chris McCarty Conveyor Accessories Inc
2011 Michael Labbé REMA TIP TOP 
2010 Donald Garner Nashville Rubber & Gasket Co
2009 Frank Klaene F.N. Sheppard & Company
2008 Jackie Robb Britt Rubber & Accessories Inc
2007 René Morf VIS USA LLC. 
2006 Tom Richardson Conveyor Accessories Inc.
2005 Ted Lushch Jerry Bros. Industries Inc.
2004 Bruce Dieleman Sparks Belting Company
2003 Charlie Vickers McLeod Belting Company
2002 Ronald L. Roalsen Rubber & Plastics Inc.
2001 Wayne E. Hoffman Siegling Amerr
2000 Thomas E. Crandall Dunham Rubber & Belting Corp.
1999 Carl W. Covin Industrial Rubber Products
1998 Richard Womack Flexible Steel Lacing Company
1997 Roy Campen Apache Hose & Belting Inc.
1996 Raymond E. Borup Scandura Inc.
1995 Ray Snow Rubber Plus Inc.
1994 Don Chapman Goodyear Rubber and Supply
1993 Loyd Rich McLeod Belting Co. Inc.
1992 Andrew B. Lewis Lewis-Goetz & Co.Inc.
1991 John K. Slingluff Jr.  Baltimore Belting Co. Inc.
1990 Bruce P. Kislul York Belting Limited
1989 Kenneth A. Hendin Premier Belting Co. of Canada Ltd.
1988 Olin V. Hyde Jerry Bros. Belting Co. Inc 
1987 John D. Wardrop Sparks Belting Co.
1986 Harry K. Robb Jr.  Rubber & Accessories Inc.
1985 Shannon L. Kinslow Motion Industries Inc.
1984 Thomas H. Dunham Dunham Rubber & Belting Co.
1983 William J. Toomey Tate Engineering Inc.
1982 David W. Lawrence Gooding Rubber Company
1981 Bill Purser King Bearing Inc.
1980 Charles W. Yob Industrial Belting and Supply Inc.
1979 James A. Meyer Fabricon
1978 Kenneth D. Greenfield Dearborn Rubber Corp.
1976-77 Vincent K. Alexander  Manheim Manufacturing & Belting Co.
1975 Daniel C. Frysinger J.E. Rhoads & Sons Inc.
1973-74 Ernest D. Key Jr.  Atlanta Belting Company
1971-72 Frank N. Fermano Albert Trostel Packings Ltd.
1969-1970 E.S Johnson McLeod Leather & Belting Co. Inc.
1967-68 Edward H. Ball Jr. Chicago-Allis Mfg. Corp
1965-1966 R.A. Waterfield Page Belting Company
1964 Julius A. Schachner Jr. Schachner Leather & Belting Co.

NIBA Past Conventions

Year                      Hotel City
2017                       The Diplomat Resort (Joint Summit with PTDA) Hollywood, Florida
2016                       J.W Marriot Indianapolis Indianapols, Indiana
2015                       Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa                     Palm Springs, California
2014                       Sheraton Hotel Seattle                                                 Seattle, Washington
2013                       J.W. Marriott San Antonio Hill Country                         San Antonio, Texas
2012                       Walt Disney World Swan                                               Orlando, Florida
2011                       J.W. Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa                           Las Vegas, Nevada
2010                       J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge                                             Phoenix, Arizona
2009                       Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa                       Lost Pines (Austin), Texas
2008                       J.W. Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa                         Tucson, Arizona
2007                       J.W. Marriott Waterfront                                                 Baltimore, Maryland
2006                       Westin Mission Hills Rancho                                         Mirage (Palm Springs), California
2005                       Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa                       Phoenix (New Orleans), Arizona
2004                       J.W. Marriott Hotel & Marina                                         San Diego, California
2003                       The Westin Harbour Castle                                           Toronto, Ontario
2002                       Opryland Hotel                                                               Nashville, Tennessee
2001                       Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort                                 San Antonio, Texas
2000                       The J.W. Marriott Copley Place                                      Boston, Massachusetts
1999                       Walt Disney World Swan                                                Orlando, Florida
1998                       Scottsdale Princess                                                        Scottsdale, Arizona
1997                       Chicago’s Downtown Marriott                                         Chicago, Illinois
1996                       The Westin La Paloma                                                  Tucson, Arizona
1995                       Westin Resort                                                                Hilton Head, South Carolina
1994                        J.W. Marriott Desert Springs                                          Palm Desert, California
1993                        Bonaventure Hotel                                                          Montreal, Quebec
1992                        The Broadmoor                                                               Colorado Springs, Colorado
1991                        The Fairmont Hotel                                                       San Francisco, California
1990                        Disney’s Buena Vista Palace                                         Orlando, Florida
1989                        J.W. Marriott Hilton Head Resort                                   Hilton Head, South Carolina
1988                        J.W. Marriott Camelback Inn                                         Scottsdale, Arizona
1987                        Westin Hotel                                                                   Toronto, Ontario
1986                        Vacation Village                                                             San Diego, California
1985                        Bonaventure Hotel & Spa                                              Fort Lauderdale, Florida
1984                        Hyatt Regency Crystal City                                             Arlington, Virginia
1983                        Hyatt Regency                                                                 Minneapolis, Minnesota
1982                        Copley Plaza Hotel                                                         Boston, Massachusetts
1981                        Fairmont Hotel                                                                San Francisco, California
1980                        Fairmont Hotel                                                                 Dallas, Texas
1976                        Water Tower Hyatt House Hotel                                     Chicago, Illinois

NIBA Honorary Members


George L. Abbott
Fort Meyers, Florida

Vincent K. Alexander (D)
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Preston D. Baldwin (D)
New York, New York

Bruce Dieleman
Sparks Belting Company

Roy Campen
Savage, Minnesota

Clar Cukor
Atlanta, Georgia

Alfred E. Gladding
Marietta, Georgia

Mark M. Jones
Princeton, New Jersey

Jack Keating (D)
Shingle Belting Company

Ernest D. Key, Jr.
Atlanta Belting Company, Inc.

A. B. Laurence (D)
Summit, New Jersey

S. C. Leonard
Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

James Salveson
Burrell Leder Beltech, Inc.

Ray Snow (D)
Rubber Plus, Inc.

Harry Robb, Jr.
Rubber & Accessories, Inc.

John D. Wardrop
Sparks Belting Company

Richard Womack
Flexible Steel Lacing, Inc.

(D) – deceased

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