Organizational Structure

2017-18 Executive Board


Bill Hornsby
Chiorino America 

Brian Schachner
First Vice President and Treasurer
Vaughn Belting Company Inc

John Grasmeyer
Second Vice President
Sparks Belting Company

Jonathan Morgan
Incoming Executive
Forbo Siegling, LLC

Vernon Smith
Immediate Past President
Universal Belting Resource


Doug Gilg 
Continental ContiTech

Mike Wieland
Mulhern Belting

Rich Holderman
ERIKS North America, Inc. 

Terri Boyle
AccuPad Inc

Troy Cobb
DE Shipp

Committee Chairpersons

Glenn Siemer
Membership Chair
Accurate industrial Inc

John Grasmeyer
Program Chair
Sparks Belting Company

Greg Hanson 
Marketing Chair
Apache Inc

Mike Francis
Education/Technical Chair
Dunham Rubber & Belting

Board of Directors Initiatives

Mission Statement

  1. Empower Director-at-Large, Past Presidents, and Emerging Leaders: More effectively utilize directors at large, past presidents, past committee members and emerging leaders
    • Prepare Recommendations for approval by board/membership as appropriate
    • Implement the approved recommendations and other changes that did not require approval
  2. Increase Overall Value of Membership: Gain understanding of member needs and identify ways to continue to increase value to NIBA membership.
    • Complete a review of existing research, and prepare a summary of what members want based on research and board experience
    • Undergo a Program Review across all committees to determine what they should add, change, or delete to increase member value
    • Prepare recommendations for approval by board/membership as appropriate
    • Implement approved recommendations and other changes that did not require approval
  3. Optimize Organizational Structure: Review and revise the NIBA committee structure, the use of Task Forces, membership rules, missions, and term limits.
    • Complete the review
    • Prepare recommendations for approval by board/membership as appropriate
    • Prepare specific recommendations as to how to improve the transition from outgoing to incoming committee chairs
    • Implement the approved recommendations and other changes that did not require approval
  4. Better Preserve NIBA History: Better preserve and communicate the history of the organization

NIBA Bylaws



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Education/Technical Committee

Chair: Mike Francis
Mission: To educate NIBA members by providing technical information and training materials relative to conveyor belting, power transmission belting and accessories.

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of thirteen members plus the Chair. Both distributor/fabricator and manufacturer members are represented on the committee. Their product or service background is taken into account as much as possible. 


  1. The committee surveys the membership to determine specific training and education needs. 
  2. The committee studies, monitors, and presents to the membership updates in advances in EDI, bar coding and other technologies important to the membership. 
  3. The committee provides belting-related training materials in a variety of mediums. 
  4. The committee is responsible for maintenance of, and additions to, the Engineering Handbook and NIBA Tech-Notes. 
  5. The committee organizes and conducts Technical Seminar trainings.
  6. The committee participates in the annual Convention by making technical presentations as requested by the Program Committee.
  7. The committee collects various current belt standards and maintains a library of them for distribution to the NIBA membership upon request.

Committee Chair

Mike Francis, Dunham Rubber & Belting

2017-18 Committee Members

Al Bonneau, Fenner Dunlop Engineered Conveyor Solutions
Beth Miller, Flexco
Bert Flieger, Chiorino America
Chad Ackerman, Ammeraal Beltech Inc
Don Rabb, Chemprene Inc
Doug Gilg, Continental ContiTech
Michael Wieland, Mulhern Belting
Pam Hill, Habasit America
Ray Borup, Industrial Conveyor Belt Systems
Ron Schuring, Precision Pulley and Idler
Sergio Restagno, Belterra Corporation
Steve Fournier, Apache Inc
Thomas Archer, Vaughn Belting Company Inc

Strategic Goals for 2017-18 through 2019-20

Initiative: New and Improved Training Offerings
There are five priorities to be owned by the Education / Technical Committee...

  1. Assess current offerings and develop a three-year plan for new programs, improved programs, increases capacity, and programs to be phased out.
  2. Develop a specific recommendation with respect to having a certificate program 
  3. Develop a recommendation with respect to ensuring sufficient trainer capacity
  4. Prepare other recommendations for approval by board/membership as appropriate
  5. Implement approved recommendations and other changes that did not require approval

Marketing Committee

Chair: Greg Hanson
Mission: To promote the services, benefits, and value of NIBA, to the global markets through effective communication and research.

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of eight members plus the Chair.


  1. The committee periodically surveys the NIBA membership regarding various NIBA programs. These surveys are on behalf of all other NIBA committees.
  2. The committee maintains the NIBA sales catalog of all items offered for sale to NIBA members.
  3. The committee oversees production and publication of the NIBA Beltline newsletter.
  4. The committee promotes the use of the NIBA logo, and assures it is used properly.
  5. The committee is responsible for all promotional activities on behalf of other NIBA committees.
  6. The committee is responsible for direction, content, and maintenance of the NIBA web site.    

Committee Chair

Greg Hanson, Apache, Inc

2017-18 Committee Members

Frank Hyclak, Continental ContiTech
Jeff Leach, Passaic Rubber Company
Jenny Dakos, Gates Mectrol Corp
Kerry Mosher, Beltservice Corporation
Mark Jadwin, Midwest Industrial Rubber Inc
Michael VandenAkker, Sparks Belting Company
Troy Cobb, D E Shipp Belting Company

Strategic Goals for 2017-18 through 2019-20

Initiative: Improve Two-way Communication with Members
There is one priority for the Marketing Committee. 

  1. Review how we do outgoing/incoming communications and recommend/implement changes to improve effectiveness.

Membership Committee

Chair: Glenn Siemer
Mission: To ensure the perpetuation of NIBA by maintaining an active plan to preserve existing membership and to sustain a continuous recruitment of qualified prospective members.

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of eight members plus the Chair.


  1. The committee is responsible for all membership recruiting and retention activities, including promotional materials.
  2. The committee publishes an annual membership directory.
  3. The committee verifies eligibility of all applicants for NIBA membership, and recommends approval or disapproval to the Board of Directors.

Committee Chair

Glenn Siemer, Accurate Industrial Inc

2017-18 Committee Members

Bo Fisher, Maxi-Lift
Crystal Shi, Shanghai YongLi Belting Co Ltd
Dell Gutknecht, Reichel-Korfmann Co, Inc
Jeff Ciminera, REMA TIP TOP GmbH
Mandy Lushch, Jerry Bros Industries Inc
Rich Holderman, LewisGoetz
Todd Miller, Beltservice Corporation
Terri Boyle, AccuPad Inc

Strategic Goals for 2017-18 through 2019-20

Initiative: Increase Distributor Membership
There are five priorities to be owned by the Membership Committee.

  1. Commit to stretch goal of 10% distributor membership growth.
  2. Develop a revised outreach program.
  3. Develop an approach to reactivate past members.
  4. Prepare recommendations for approval by board/membership as appropriate.
  5. Implement the approved recommendations and other changes that did not require approval.

Program Committee

Chair: John Grasmeyer
Mission: To develop a program for the NIBA annual Convention that provides a forum for members to communicate, learn, and promote their common business interests.

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of eight members plus the Chair. Committee members should represent both distributor/fabricator and manufacturer members from various product lines and geographic areas including, if possible, the city where the following annual Convention will take place.


  1. The committee organizes the annual Convention, with concurrence of the Board of Directors.
  2. At the June meeting of the Board of Directors, the committee chair will present the Executive Committee-approved budget for the upcoming Convention.
  3. Additional ad-hoc committee members appointed by the chair as necessary.

Committee Chair

John Grasmeyer, Sparks Belting Company

2017-18 Committee Members

Chip Winiarski, Flexco
James Smith, Universal Belting Resource
Jessica Stroup, Stroup & Son, LLC
Jonathan Morgan, Forbo Siegling, LLC
Robert Labossiere, Colmar Belting Company Inc
Rohan Prabhakar, NIPL Engineering 
Scott Frenz, Fenner Dunlop Engineered Conveyor Solutions
Scott Holquist, LewisGoetz

Strategic Goals for 2017-18 through 2019-20

Initiative: Continue to Evolve and Strengthen the Convention
The Program Committee has six priorities...

  1. Review and recommend changes to the criteria for site selection.
  2. Conduct outreach to members who do not attend to determine reasons for non-attendance.
  3. Review the overall cost of attendance and look for alternatives to help members manage the cost or to reduce the cost.
  4. Benchmark conventions from other associations, and past conventions to look for best practices.
  5. Prepare recommendations for approval by board/membership as appropriate.
  6. Implement approved recommendations and other changes that do not require approval.

Past Presidents

Year Individual Company
2017 Vernon Smith Universal Belting Resource
2016 Tom Pientok Apache Inc
2015 John Shelton Belt Power LLC
2014 Tom Wujek Flexco
2013 John P. Green Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag
2012 Chris McCarty Conveyor Accessories Inc
2011 Michael LabbĂ© REMA TIP TOP
2010 Donald Garner Nashville Rubber & Gasket Co
2009 Frank Klaene F.N. Sheppard & Company
2008 Jackie Robb Britt Rubber & Accessories Inc
2007 René Morf VIS USA LLC.
2006 Tom Richardson Conveyor Accessories Inc.
2005 Ted Lushch Jerry Bros. Industries Inc.
2004 Bruce Dieleman Sparks Belting Company
2003 Charlie Vickers McLeod Belting Company
2001 Wayne E. Hoffman Siegling America Inc.
2002 Ronald L. Roalsen Rubber & Plastics Inc.
2000 Thomas E. Crandall Dunham Rubber & Belting Corp.
1999 Carl W. Covin Industrial Rubber Products
1998 Richard Womack Flexible Steel Lacing Company
1997 Roy Campen Apache Inc.
1996 Raymond E. Borup Scandura Inc.
1995 Ray Snow Rubber Plus Inc.
1994 Don Chapman Goodyear Rubber and Supply
1993 Loyd Rich McLeod Belting Co. Inc.
1992 Andrew B. Lewis Lewis-Goetz & Co. Inc.
1991 John K. Slingluff Jr. Baltimore Belting Co. Inc.
1990 Bruce P. Kisluk York Belting Limited
1989 Kenneth A. Hendin Premier Belting Co. of Canada Ltd.
1988 Olin V. Hyde Jerry Bros. Belting Co. Inc.
1987 John D. Wardrop Sparks Belting Co.
1986 Harry K. Robb Jr. Rubber & Accessories Inc.
1985 Shannon L. Kinslow Motion Industries Inc.
1984 Thomas H. Dunham Dunham Rubber & Belting Co.
1983 William J. Toomey Tate Engineering Inc.
1982 David W. Lawrence Gooding Rubber Company
1981 Bill Purser King Bearing Inc.
1980 Charles W. Yob Industrial Belting and Supply Inc.
1979 James A. Meyer Fabricon
1978 Kenneth D. Greenfield Dearborn Rubber Corp.
1976-77 Vincent K. Alexander Manheim Manufacturing & Belting Co.
1975 Daniel C. Frysinger J. E. Rhoads & Sons Inc.
1973-74 Ernest D. Key Jr. Atlanta Belting Company
1971-72 Frank N. Fermano Albert Trostel Packings Ltd.
1969-70 E.S. Johnson McLeod Leather & Belting Co. Inc.
1967-68 Edward H. Ball Jr. Chicago-Allis Mfg. Corp.
1965-66 R.A. Waterfield Page Belting Company
1964 Julius A. Schachner Jr. Schachner Leather & Belting Co.