Logo Usage Guidelines

NIBA Logo available for Member Company Use ONLY
Contact NIBA Headquarters for electronic or hard copy of the logo.

Correct Use of the NIBA Logo

NIBA’s corporate identification can be used as a trademark, service mark, or grade name.  The word “NIBA” may appear as a logotype or it may be set in type (with all letters in upper case type.)


As a trademark, this system is used to identify products sold by NIBA-The Belting Association.  As a service mark, it is used to identify services rendered by our Association; and as a trade name, it is used as a signature to identify the corporate entity: NIBA-The Belting Association.

Following are suggestions concerning the proper use of NIBA identification.  Please follow them carefully.

NIBA Identification in Logotype Form

NIBA’s most distinctive identification is the familiar logotype shown below.  When this form is used, it can be made larger or smaller, but the overall appearance must be exactly as illustrated here.  In other words, no alteration of the typeface, of the belt roll design, or of letter spacing or relative proportions is permitted.

  • Reproducible copies of this NIBA logotype are enclosed.
  • The NIBA logotype in this form is intended to serve as a corporate signature.  It should stand alone and apart from advertising copy, slogans, prices, or other messages.
  • The NIBA logotype is an identifying mark, not a device for decoration.  It must never be used in a repetitive manner for the purpose of creating a pattern.  In addition, the belt roll design must always be an integral part of this logotype.
  • In reproducing the NIBA logotype, it is important that the background surrounding it remain clear and uncluttered.  Decorative embellishments, such as drop shadows or ribbons or bursts, must never be added.
  • The NIBA logotype must never overlap either illustrations or copy.  Further, it must always be in alignment with any copy of illustrations appearing adjacent to it.  In other words, do not ‘tilt’ the logotype.
  • It is also important to avoid curving or bending the logotype, except when required in product branding due to the configuration of the product, the use of a curved logotype on a mailing tube, for example, is acceptable.
  • For proper identification, the NIBA logotype must be at least one inch in overall length.  When working with your printer, it is important to insist upon sharp, undistorted reproduction to assure satisfactory legibility.

NIBA Identification Set in Type

The word ‘NIBA’ may be set in any legible typeface with all letters set in upper case type.  When NIBA is set in type, it must always appear as one word, and all of the letters must be of the same typeface.  It may appear in any typeface or size, in any colors, in positive or reverse image, as long as good legibility is assured.  It must not be used, however, in a repetitive manner for the purpose of creating a pattern.

This form of corporate identification may be used in a sentence or phrase.  The typeface used for the word ‘NIBA’ should usually be the same size, weight, and style as that used for the other words in the sentence or phrase.  When appropriate, an apostrophe may be used in the conventional way to show possessive form.

NIBA Identification in Advertising
The NIBA logotype may be used in print advertising.  It should not appear more than once in a large, dominant presentation on a single page.

In print advertising, the word ‘NIBA’ set in type may be used several times in the body copy of the advertisement.  This use is in addition to the single dominant logotype presentation mentioned above.

When using NIBA corporate identification in videotape programs, the same procedures already defined for print media should be followed.

Note: To prevent any misunderstanding, prior written permission must be obtained from NIBA Headquarters before NIBA’s name or logo may be used by anyone.

NIBA Logo Requirements
Pantone Matching System (PMS): 221C
Font = Crillee Ital
No TM or ® necessary

Contact the NIBA office for a high-resolution NIBA logo