A Final Message From Vernon Smith, Outgoing President

A Final Message From Vernon Smith, Outgoing President

The final article is always the hardest to write. There are too many people to list individually who I need to thank.

First, the task force who helped seek out AMPED. Next, the joint summit task force who over 3 years help put together a successful joint convention.

To the Board of Directors, whose support throughout the year made our decisions easier.

The committee chairs and committee volunteers, the heart of NIBA, who kept NIBA moving forward in spite of the distractions.

To the executive committee, who devote a lot of their personal time and energy to make NIBA a better organization.

To the past presidents, whose unsolicited support will always be appreciated.

I sincerely thank all of you. I’m honored to say that I was President of an organization with a membership of integrity and professionalism that NIBA has.

The ability of NIBA to bring together business competitors, business associates, individuals with different personal believes and have everyone working towards the common goal of continually advancing NIBA into a better organization is truly exceptional.

NIBA, with Bill Hornsby’s leadership and an excellent team around him, along with AMPED, will quickly rise to a new level. There is a lot of BLUE SKY on the horizon for NIBA.

Thank you for the privilege to serve as your 2017 president. I’m excited about the future of NIBA and look forward to seeing all of you again in Phoenix. Please keep in touch.

Vernon Smith
President of NIBA, 2017