Independent Manufacturer Reps

Independent Manufacturer Reps

Independent Contractor - Commission Based Sales

We are a GLOBAL CLASS Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturer based in the Americas: we are looking Nationwide for Sales Reps to include our product line, within your multi-line portfolio.
You need to demonstrate current invoicing with active customers portfolio.

SALES , Business Development, Distribution.
- Engage Full-Service Contractors & Vulcanizers.
- Enroll Technical Supply Houses maintenance, repair and installation.

Exclusive Clients within your State, geography, industry or customer list.
Training, Technical and marketing support from headquarters.
Imported belt stock available in the US.

- Entrepreneurial; Local Market Expertise; Hands on, Belt specification.
- Experienced Industrial Sales Representative, minimum five 5 years in the conveyor industry.
- Formal Sales Training and Technical background in Industrial equipment.
- Knowledgeable in Standards as: American RMA, Japanese JIS and German DIN 22 101; CEMA, NIBA.