NIBA announces 2018 scholarship winners

It is our great pleasure to showcase the winners of this year’s Memorial and Scholarship. The Memorial Scholarship was founded to honor the late Mr. Russ Agnes, dedicated member and committee chair of NIBA whom the organization lost in 2009. It has since been renamed to honor all dedicated NIBA members who have lost their lives.

This year we were excited to have so many impressive applicants looking to further their education. This year’s applicants boasted great achievements at their jobs and in their extracurriculars. Many of the applicants showed a strong dedication to service and outreach in their communities and stressed the importance of the lessons they learned through service. 

Katie Leigh Balderson. Katie is a graduate of the Covenant Christian Academy and plans to attend the University of Georgia or Oxford College of Emory University in the fall. She is dedicated to education and has practiced her work ethic through a variety of service opportunities including volunteering at Emory University Hospital, mentoring girls on her high school volleyball team and painting houses while she was away at summer camp. Katie was also the valedictorian of her high school. 

Trevor Burianek. Trevor is currently studying at Southeast Community College in his home state of Nebraska. He has been a volunteer for the Malcolm Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, being the first to sign up when their new cadet program was implemented. Trevor also enjoys serving as a mentor to younger students at both his church and his high school cross country team. 

Sarah Chomthakham. Sarah is studying at Georgia State University, pursuing a major in Biology. Her interest in science carries over to her service endeavors which include serving at the Atlanta Medical Center and the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. She aspires to pursue her dreams as a doctor and values being a loving daughter to her mother and mentor to her younger siblings. 

Stephanie Keith. Stephanie is a student at the University of Oregon. While there, she has participated in a number of service opportunities, many of which highlight her interest and care for animals and the environment including her service with the Greenhill Humane Society and gardening projects with Grassroots Garden. She is also a dedicated member of Delta Gamma (DG) sorority and, with her sorority sisters, participates in service including a Delta Gamma Uber service.

Stephanie Ann Knechtly. Stephanie is currently studying architecture and interior design at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP). She is passionate about community service, particularly mission trips where she can immerse herself in other cultures to serve diverse communities. She plans to study abroad with her architecture program next year in a curriculum that will take her to Spain, France, Morocco and Portugal. 

Andrew Perz. Andrew is a student at Ohio State University and has been involved in a variety of service experiences in his home state of Ohio, as well as abroad. He has cultivated a strong connection with his Catholic theology and has participated in many service opportunities with Catholic groups, earning him the St. Ignatius Saint Peter Claver Service Award for community service in May 2016. Andrew has had a strong passion for learning his whole life which has led him to pursue a major in philosophy.

This year’s Presidential Scholarship applicants excelled in their academics, and in their various leadership roles. Their applications showed us that they are not only leaders in the classroom, on the field or in their workplaces, but also leaders in their community, among their friends and in their families. These students value the importance of both leading and serving throughout life and also understand the importance of furthering their education as a way to help them continue to do so.

Natalie Panella. Natalie has served local, nationwide and foreign communities through projects and organizations such as Caribbean Lifetime Missions and Central Texas UMC which have given her the opportunity to serve in Costa Rica, Mississippi and Louisiana. She will be attending Texas State University in the fall and pursuing a career as an OB/GYN. 

Marshall Schoth. Marshall is currently studying mechanical engineering at Louisiana Tech University. He is a member of both the Lambda Sigma Sophomore Honor Society, for which he has served as President, and the Christian fraternity Beta Upsilon Chi. He has cultivated a passion for service and leadership in his academics and in his fraternities. He was elected to the Louisiana Tech University Leadership Council and is currently serving as a student leader for incoming freshmen. 

Kyndal Sligh. Kyndal will be attending Texas A&M University in the fall to study Agricultural Business. She is passionate about farming and youth engagement with the agriculture industry. She plans to involve young people in agriculture and service by serving in youth development programs including local 4H organizations and programs in youth ministry. 

Casey Stencil. Casey is a member of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega (APO) where he is currently serving as President and previously served as the VP of Service. His commitment to service and servant leadership shows in his other endeavors which include being a program leader for service immersion programs in both Guatemala and Peru, and building houses with fellow university students for Habitat for Humanity. He is currently studying at Saint Joseph’s University. 

Memorial Scholarship

Cost: $2,000
Due Date: April 1, 2018

Open to employees and children of employees of NIBA Distributor/Fabricator and Manufacturer Companies.  

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Presidential Scholarship

Cost: $4,000
Due Date: May 1, 2018

Open to children with a parent employed by a NIBA Distributor/Fabricator and Manufacturer Companies. 

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Rubber Ron Technical Training Scholarship

Open to employees of NIBA member companies, this scholarship is available for NIBA's Heavyweight Technical Seminars. 

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